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ByrneFit’s Mission:

We use all of the knowledge, wisdom, personal power we possess to
inspire everyone who comes into ByrneFit to reach their full


We seek to know and invest in each person who walks through our doors.
We create an empowering environment for personal growth.
We continue to educate ourselves and our clients with the best health,
fitness and motivational information available.
We keep our facilities clean and safe.
At ByrneFit, our workouts are designed to take advantage of how your
body moves naturally and use that to build your health and strength.

We believe in breaking “personal records” because your fitness is your
journey, not someone else’s. Your progress is what’s important, not
how you compare to others.
We embrace High-Intensity Interval Resistance Training. We work out
hard and fast, because one intense 30-minute workout boosts your
metabolism for 36 hours making your body a fuel burning machine.
Because we do the workout in intervals, anyone can do it.
We do not count calories. It is not how much you eat but WHAT you eat
and WHEN you eat it.
We eat real, whole foods. Nutrient dense foods that your body
recognizes as food.
We love it when you lose weight, but we love it even more when you are
empowered by how much stronger you are.
We believe in the power of knowledge. Society makes losing weight
complicated. We share the simple principles and strategies that will
help you reach your fitness goals.
We don’t live to work out, we work out to live.

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